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Veerappa Ayyanar Statue:

Veerappa Ayyanar Statue The temple is situated 3 Km at Allinagaram, 3 Km away from Theni. The temple is very famous in and around Theni. Every year the festival is celebrated on the “first clay” of Tamil month of “Chitrai” The Places likely to visit in and around Theni is the Vaigai Dam near Andipatti, Kumbakarai falls at Periyakulam, Suruli Falls at Surulipatti. Thekkady and some Tea and Coffee Estates located at Moonar and Maharaj Mettu.

Kuchanoor SaneeswaranTemple:

King Dhinakaran prayed to God for a child. He heard a voice that a Brahmin boy would visit him and he would get a child then. The boy came and was named Chandravadanan. The queen also became pregnant and delivered a male child. He was named Sadhagan. As the Brahmin boy was wise and good natured, he was crowned the king of the land. It was during this time, the king had to face and undergo the Saturn period (seven and half years Saturn). To save the adopted father king from the consequences of the Saturn period, Chandravadhana made a Saturn idol made of iron and worshipped Him on the banks of Surabi river.

He prayed to Lord Saturn to protect his adopted father from the effects of his period. Saturn, responding to the prayers of Chandravadhana, got the King only for seven and half hours, instead of seven and half years. He also assured Chandravadhana that he would not harm people of just nature and reduce his effects to the most minimum. Chandravadhana built a temple for Sani with Kuchu grasses here, hence the name Kuchanur.


Theni District has been formed after bifurcation from erstwhile Madurai District as per G.O.Ms.No.679 Revenue Department Dated:25.07.96. Consequent on the bifurcation, one new Revenue Division with headquarters at Uthamapalayam and two new Taluks at Theni and Bodinaickanur were also created with effect from 01.01.97. Dr.K.Satyagopal IAS was the first collector for Theni District.

Theni Municipal town was only a firka headquarters till 31.12.96. Consequent on the formation of the new District, Theni Municipal Town has been upgraded as the Taluk and District head quarters from 01.01.97. It is mainly a commercial town. It is also known for its big weekly shandy on every Sunday. Vaigai dam and Kumbakarai falls in Periyakulam Taluk, Suruli falls in Uthamapalayam Taluk are the main places of attraction for tourists.

The district of Theni has been carved out as a separate district recently as a result of bifurcation of Madurai district. According to the said bifurcation, three taluks namely Uttama-palaiyam, Periyakulam and Andipatti of the erstwhile Madurai district separated from its parent district to form this new district. At present also this new district is comprised of three taluks and eight Community Development Blocks.

Theni District Profile

Theni is one of the south-western districts of TamilNadu state.This district is surrounded by the Western Ghats, with it green stretches of cultivated lands and tea gardens.Silk cotton, soft towels, coffee seeds, cardamom, mango, are the main produce of the district It is bounded on the north by Dindigul district on the east by Madurai district, on the south by portions of Virudunagar district and Idukki district of Kerala state, and on the west by Idukki (Kerala). The district administrative headquarters of this district is location at Theni Allingaram town. It has an area of 2889 Sq.Km. and a population of 10, 49,300.

Theni district is surrounded by Western Ghats. It’s mainly occupation is Agriculture. Mullai River flows through this district. Theni District is home to Theni, Bodinayakanur, Cumbum, Kudalore, Chinnamanur, and several other small villages.